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Spritzler demands same pay raise as Spirit Airlines pilots.

Said a very irate Spirtzler (on Twitter today), "You think I put out the Report for my health? Either I get fair pay, or I'm f-cking gone. You can quote me. Gone...F.U.C.-.I.N.G gone."

By the way, I rate Johnny Paycheck as a suburb musical genius just behind Issac Pearlman.

Spirit Airlines Pilots Approve New Contract, Lifting Pay 34%

The two-year deal comes as carriers resume posting profits after deep pandemic slump


Spirit had struggled to attract new pilots as competitors had raised pay.

By Alison Sider, WSJ

Jan. 10, 2023 2:44 pm ET

Pilots at Spirit Airlines Inc. SAVE 1.04%increase; green up pointing triangle approved a two-year contract agreement that will boost their pay by an average of 34% over that period, signaling how growing competition for aviators is fueling higher wages.

Nearly 70% of Spirit’s pilots voted in favor of the deal, which the Air Line Pilots Association union said included gains worth $463 million. Captains will receive cumulative pay increases of 25% over the term of the agreement, while first officers’ pay will increase 43%, the union said.

Spirit has agreed to be acquired by JetBlue Airways Corp., JBLU 3.63%increase; green up pointing triangle and the agreement between Spirit and the pilots union calls for the airline to immediately restart negotiations with pilots if the merger isn’t approved by regulators or if it is abandoned.

The agreement “not only offers the financial gains our pilots need today, but also creates a stronger bargaining position for Spirit Airlines pilots at our next step, either in the merger process with JetBlue or in comprehensive negotiations with Spirit Airlines as a stand-alone carrier,” said Spirit’s Master Executive Council chair, Capt. Ryan Muller.

Spirit said in a written statement that the new agreement would provide significant pay increases and other benefits to pilots. The airline didn’t comment on future bargaining with its pilots.

Airlines are once again turning profits as they emerge from the severe industry downturn during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and they have been clamoring to hire pilots. That dynamic has given pilots more leverage than they have had in past negotiations to push for big raises as well as improvements in things such as scheduling practices and vacation, some industry observers said.

Ultra low-cost carriers such as Spirit have faced pressure from smaller regional carriers, which have offered sizable pay increases in an effort to stem their own tide of pilot attrition, and aggressive recruiting from larger carriers.

Spirit Chief Executive Ted Christie said in October that Spirit was experiencing higher rates of attrition and had struggled to attract new pilots as regional airlines and major carriers had raised pay. He said at the time that a new pilot contract could help address the outflow of pilots.

Unions and management at several other carriers have clashed in recent months as pilots have held out for more favorable terms. American Airlines Group Inc. AAL 3.01%increase; green up pointing triangle and United Airlines Holdings Inc. UAL 4.36%increase; green up pointing triangle have so far been unable to come to agreements with their pilots.

Delta Air Lines Inc. DAL 2.79%increase; green up pointing triangle and its pilots union last month reached an agreement in principle for pay raises that amount to at least 34% over a four-year deal. Capt. Darren Hartmann, chairman of the union that represents Delta’s pilots, told members earlier this month that negotiators are drafting precise language for a proposed deal, which union leaders would need to approve before it is sent to members for a vote.

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