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Spritzler Report opening for copywriter (pays $10,000-$500,000/yr).

Just kidding. All our workers are unpaid interns (aka indentured servants).

BTW...a great op for a Norm McDonald employment joke.

When Pay Transparency Is Opaque

New state laws to promote pay ‘equity’ produce job postings with ridiculous salary ranges.

By The Editorial Board, WSJ

Jan. 18, 2023 6:45 pm ET

Wanted: Software engineer willing to work for anywhere between $90,000 and $900,000. That advertisement might sound ridiculous, but it’s a real job posting from Netflix, and as is often the case with things that defy rational answers, government regulation helps explain it.

California has a new law requiring employers with 15 or more workers to “include the pay scale for a position in any job posting.” Given that tech companies are in dog-eat-dog competition for talent, Netflix isn’t the only shop to take a liberal reading of salary ranges.

Tesla has a software engineering position that pays between $104,000 and $348,000.

TikTok is hiring a software engineer and offering $126,000 to $304,704.

DoorDash wants a head of design and is willing to deliver $252,000 to $350,000.

Other states, including New York and Colorado, are also enacting so-called pay transparency laws, on the theory that it ensures equity if every job applicant can start negotiating under the same expectations. But even if the law prohibited wide salary ranges, job advertisements usually say (using Tesla as an example) that actual offers may vary by “market location, job-related knowledge, skills, and experience.”

Compensation also depends on bargaining power. A valuable prospective employee might receive a counteroffer from his current company, or he might have second thoughts about moving his family across the country.

The hilarious pay scale postings are another case of progressive designs failing when they run up against the real world. The equity laws end up delivering less accurate information for applicants without helping “equity.”

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