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Spritzler shout out to Josh! Harvard student of the week.

Josh, way to drill it baby! I'm sure your parents are proud as Peacocks. You got into Harvard (with no help from them...haha) & have made the transition from entitled rich little shit to jihadist. Welcome to the movement pal.

I hope your old man doesn't backtrack and explain that you can't be held responsible for your actions, because you're a total .....

Jo Malone’s son is an organizer for Harvard Palestine group behind anti-Israel letter

By Ariel Zilber, NY Post

Published Oct. 12, 2023

The son of British perfume magnate Jo Malone is an organizer for the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee, one of the groups behind the letter blaming Israel for Hamas’ deadly attacks that left more than 1,200 people dead and thousands wounded.

Josh Willcox, a 22-year-old senior and a member of the men’s fencing team at the Ivy League school, has penned several op-ed columns for the group published by the campus newspaper, the Harvard Crimson.

The only child of Malone, 60, and her husband, Gary Willcox — who in 1999 sold the Jo Malone London perfume company for millions of dollars to cosmetics giant Estée Lauder, whose son Ronald Lauder serves as the president of the World Jewish Congress — has denounced “the brutal oppression of Palestinians” by “an apartheid regime,” a reference to Israel.

In January, Willcox wrote an op-ed blasting Harvard Kennedy School for extending a fellowship to Amos Yadlin, a former senior officer in the Israeli military.

Willcox, who is pursuing a concentration in Near Eastern languages and civilizations, took the university to task for “welcom[ing] agents of colonial violence.”

The following month, Willcox co-authored an op-ed alongside two other organizers for the Palestine Solidarity Committee — Nadine Bahour and Shraddha Joshi — condemning “Harvard’s anti-Palestinian racism and institutional bias towards Israeli policy.”

Palestine Solidarity Committee is one of 34 groups that attached their name to the incendiary letter, which sparked a furious backlash. Willcox’s ties to the group were first reported by the Daily Mail.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman demanded that Harvard release a list of the names of students who are members of the group so that they may be denied employment — a move that former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said was excessive.

In response to the backlash, several of the groups renounced their affiliation with the letter as students and professors insisted that not all members knew about the contents of the missive.

A “doxxing truck” was seen on Wednesday driving around the campus of Harvard University with digital billboards that display the names and photos of students who allegedly signed the letter.

Willcox’s group was one of those that co-signed a letter blaming Israel for the Hamas attack on Saturday.

Wilcox’s parents have relocated from London to Dubai, where they run Jo Loves, a fragrance and cosmetics company. Malone no longer has ties to the brand.

The Post reached out to Estee Lauder for comment.

Over 1,300 Israelis are dead, more than 3,000 are wounded and at least 100 were taken hostage, with the death toll expected to rise after Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets and sent dozens of militants into Israeli towns.

Malone declined to specifically address her son’s involvement in the letter.

“We as a family are heartbroken by the events of recent days and strongly condemn all forms of violence,” Malone told the Daily Mail in a statement.

“The abhorrent attack on innocent people on Saturday in Israel is beyond what any family should endure.”

The Post has sought comment from Josh Willcox, Malone, and the Palestine Solidarity Committee.

Malone told the Daily Mail: “This is an horrendous moment in our history where innocent people are paying the greatest price with their lives. It is utterly heartbreaking and must stop.”

“As a family our hearts go out to all those suffering terrible losses at this time and we send untold gratitude to all those selflessly risking their lives for others,” Malone said.

“We call upon all leaders to find a humanitarian resolution for all.”

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