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The coming pivot on the Ukraine? Snitz says?

Interesting view from overseas. Very smart guy.

He points out that NATO members are generally beginning to bristle at continuing to pump money into the War. At the same time, the $130 billion approved by the formerly Dem House of Representatives is used up and Biden has gone back for another $24 billion.

Will the GOP give him the funds, especially since HunterGate involves the bribing of Ukrainian officials. Ergo, when the funds dry up, Zekensky dries up.

My additional take. Trump is the next GOP nominee for President. He ran in 2016 almost entirely on the immigration issue. This time he'll double down on that plus, Biden's diminished capacity and ending the Ukraine war (by withholding funds). That's going to put pressure on the GOP to rally behind that issue.

It's obviously hard to predict with certainty when this will end, but it's crystal clear that Putin will not leave. The mainstream media's reporting today that Ukraine forces are breaching the Russian defenses and things are turning around is laughable. Reminds me of the Johnson and Nixon administrations reporting on Vietnam troop movements.

Nixon takes a victory lap. Immediately afterwhich North Vietnam took over the entire country.

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