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The impact of Trump's verdict on the election?

The impact of Trump's verdict on the election?

In 2020 a great many Americans had suffered enough of Donald Trump. It wasn’t his policies? Lower taxes, being pro-business, keeping us out of foreign wars, securing the border, pushing back at China, and Operation Lightspeed (COVID vaccines) were generally successful.

Two fatal shortcomings that cost him a close election: I. Being morally bankrupt II. Not knowing when to shut up.

Against that backdrop, Biden represented an elder version of Bill Clinton. A centrist who’d calm the nation and keep the wheels on the cart, less all the drama. Nobody imagined he’d become a progressive puppet of sorts nor that his mental health would decline so rapidly.

Today Trump has a record to run on. Joe’s! Inflated prices (especially housing), The COVID lockdowns, anti-business policies, and two mismanaged foreign wars offer new fertile ops that Trump didn’t have in 2020. Plus, as was the case in 2016, Donald will ride the “immigration horse” hard. He’ll dwell on Joe’s diminished mental capacity.

If Trump can avoid blowing himself up verbally (always a crap shoot) the election is his to lose. As for his NY conviction and the other trials, they play into the narrative he’s promoting: “The deep state is taking people’s freedom away”. Not Trump’s, ordinary Americans who aren’t free to vote without gov interference.

When Trump wins, the Dems will have themselves to blame; for being too timid to run a younger centrist candidate who’d trounce the Dark Lord.

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