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The most popular Chicago radio station plays Xmas music non stop.

Where's the Muslim-only radio station? Snitz Jazeera, ALL ALLAH ALL THE TIME.

The Lite keeps shining bright, even as the holiday season fades further away.

Axios News

Driving the news: WLIT jumped to an 8 share to lead the pack in February's radio ratings. The station usually dominates the early winter months by playing nonstop holiday music. And it seems that listeners are sticking around.

Highlights: Spanish-language music station WOJO (105.1FM) skyrocketed to the top five.

Lowlights: WXRT dropped a whole percentage point after record ratings following the death of beloved DJ Lin Brehmer.

But even with the drop, it's still in the top 3.

Reality check: With all the mayoral election news, you'd think talk stations would see higher ratings.

But both WBEZ and WGN-AM slipped in February.

Of note: These ratings don't break down precisely when people are tuning in, nor specific listener demographics.

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