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Trans players in girls’ a ticking time bomb?

Pictured below, Frank Caputto, Power Forward Spritzler Pre Varsity Basketball, scored her 10th triple-double last night against Susan B Anthony HS.

Letting trans players participate in girls’ and women’s sports is a ticking time bomb

By Kirsten Fleming, NY Post

Published Feb. 20, 2024

Another day, another example of how our illiberal “inclusivity” mandates are taking a jackhammer to the integrity and fairness of female athletics.

We’ve seen it in golf, swimming, skateboarding, cycling, surfing and volleyball. The latest entry for the women’s sports hall of shame happened on the hardwood.

During a girl’s hoops game earlier this month in Massachusetts, Collegiate Charter School in Lowell forfeited a game against KIPP Academy at halftime because they had three players go down with injuries. The team, already battered and bruised, wanted to preserve themselves for the upcoming playoffs, according to the school’s athletic director.

An official statement from the school read, “In an effort to maintain safety for his team, [the coach] decided to forfeit.”

There was no mention that KIPP’s squad, according to the Daily Item, has a biological male player standing “more than 6 feet tall with facial hair” who identifies as female, reports Fox News.

And the player in question was involved in at least one of the injuries — a detail that, ahem, seems pretty pertinent.

Footage of the play has sparked an uproar on X, with users commenting that the trans player appears to be “tossing” the girl around. The words “battery” and “assault” were also used.

Yes, the girl was swung around like a rag doll — and she’s clearly in pain after getting flung to the floor.

A player who identifies as transgender rips the ball from a female opponent, who falls to the floor.

But it wasn’t some flagrant foul. It wasn’t, technically, a dirty play or a cheap shot. The reality is, this was a normal fight over possession that happens in the course of every basketball game.

No matter: What’s totally abnormal and downright horrifying is that it’s a biological male overpowering a much smaller girl.

This tangle perfectly illustrates the physical inequalities that inherently exist between the sexes. It doesn’t matter if a trans athlete plays by the rules of the game or is the picture of sportsmanship — they will, on average, be stronger, bigger and faster than biological girls.

And that makes them an absolute danger to female opponents. And especially in a physical game like hoops.

Collegiate Charter School’s statement about forfeiting the game against KIPP Academy never mentioned the video tape of the injurious incident, but it does note the school’s commitment to “inclusivity and safety.”

Ohio Senate overrides Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of bill that would outlaw gender-changing services for minors, trans athletes in women’s sports

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You don’t need a 6-foot-something biological male posting up on or boxing out a teen girl. Unless you’re running an orthopedic surgery center.

KIPP’s athletic director did “not wish to make a comment at this time as to why the other team forfeited the game. We are looking forward to our next game.”

And reps from Collegiate ended their statement with a verbal genuflect before the DEI altar, noting the school “reiterates its values of both inclusivity and safety for all students.”

But in this scenario, inclusivity always seems to trump safety.

As former University of Kentucky swimmer and activist Riley Gaines recently said: “Title IX literally means nothing.”

She was speaking about Ramapo College trans swimmer Meghan Cortez-Fields shattering the 200-meter individual medley record in the NJ Athletic Conference on Friday.

Yet these examples keep multiplying at every level across North America. And those who have stood up for sanity have been banished to the permanent penalty box.

Trans swimmer, Meghan Cortez-Fields with three girlfriends in bathing suits.

Take Mid Vermont Christian School, which forfeited a playoff game against Long Trail last season because that team had a transgender player that “jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players,”

Mid Vermont was barred from participating in state play, and in November the Christian school sued the state.

It’s lunacy to put the feelings of a biological male over the physical safety of biological females.

A June Gallup poll found that 69% of survey respondents said that athletes should compete on teams that correspond with their biological sex. That’s up from 62% in 2021.

KIPP Academy's player who reportedly identifies as a female fights with an opponent from Collegiate Charter for possession of the ball.

So we have to deduce that the remaining believers in fantasy are the ones overseeing this mess. The adults abdicating their responsibilities and leaving female athletes to stand up for themselves, if they dare.

But a resounding silence has been noted from men. Male coaches, male athletic directors. Professional athletes, pundits, people who talk all day about sports but always manage to avoid this third rail.

Where are the fathers? The proud girl dads sitting in the stands, shuttling their girls to practices and games and giving them pep talks? What do they say when they see their daughter square up against a biological male?

It’s easier to keep quiet than to be labeled with a word that ends with -ist, or -phobic. It’s time we stopped fostering a phobia of common sense.

Because this is a ticking time bomb. It only ends one way: with more serious injuries to girls.

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