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Tucker reflects on Putin interview

Pretty interesting commentary on his interview. A few thoughts of my own:

  • Putin is a ruthless dictator who's broadly popular in his home state.

  • Most of history is full of similarly mercurial leaders who value their interests over human life. Sadly, he's the norm. If you think Modi, Xi Jinping are "nicer" you're overly optimistic.

  • Vlad appears healthy and has not lost his mental acuity, whatever you think of his morality. I don't think much of it.

  • Russia is a nation occupying the world's largest land mass with only 150 million inhabitants. Carlson explains the significance of that in the context of their demographic crisis. Logical for them to control their border, but be expansionary into Poland or the EU?

  • The big takeaway. Carlson thinks Putin is ready for a peace deal (he said so several times in the interview), but the West is not. If he can keep the Donbas (including Crimea) this war can end.

  • PS. Putin isn't used to being interviewed or explaining himself. He didn't make his case particularly concisely.

Link to his comments (about 8 mins)

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