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US Woman's Soccer team hates us?

I get it. There embarrassed to represent their country. Apparently, the 300 million Americans they represent are racist idiots. Maybe they should do us all a favor and find some other nation to play for?

The reaction of a majority of players in the U.S. women's soccer team (USWNT) to the national anthem during the ongoing World Cup has sparked anger among some American fans who criticized them for not singing—though their stance was not new.

During the Friday game against newcomers Vietnam, which opened the international competition for the American team—currently considered among the best in the world—most U.S. players did not sing the national anthem. They stared ahead in silence while "The Star Spangled Banner" played through.

Most of the U.S. players were silent with their fists behind their backs. Only five players were standing and placed their hands over their hearts as the anthem played, while three sang along.

Among the players who stayed silent was forward Megan Rapinoe, who ahead of the 2019 World Cup told Yahoo Sports that she was probably never going to sing the national anthem again. The player was the first in the team to kneel down during the anthem following NFL player Colin Kaepernick's protest against racial injustice in 2016, and the first white athlete to do so.

The American team, the two-time defending World Cup champion, brought a staggering victory home, ending the game 3-0 against the rival team. But some fans were not happy with the way the majority of the team behaved during the playing of the national anthem.

"Call me crazy but I'm telling my team that if you can't at least put your hand over your heart you're not in top 11. I don't care who it is. Show some respect," one wrote on Twitter.

"Yeah, too bad they all aren't proud to have hands-on hearts and sing. Vietnam team was sure proud if theirs. Disappointing," another wrote. "If they become militant about, just quit funding them," tweeted another.

Criticism over not singing the national anthem was combined online with the kind of misogynistic comments that have followed and opposed the rise of women's soccer, with some saying that the team was bringing "shame" to the sport and calling the players "disgusting."

But some spoke in support of the players, saying that they were "grateful to live in a country you aren't forced to sing or have a hand on your heart."

Last year, the Iranian men's team refused to sing the national anthem during the World Cup in solidarity with protests for the killing of Mahsa Amini, but later backtracked after political pressure from government authorities and fear of reprisal.

This World Cup will be Rapinoe's last, as the team's star player announced earlier this month, saying she will retire later this year.

"I'm just grateful to be able to do it in this way," she said. "I understand that it is incredibly rare for athletes of any stature to be able to go out in their own way, on their own terms, at the time that they want, in a way that feels really peaceful and settled for them."

Newsweek contacted U.S. Soccer for comment by email on Saturday.

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