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Was the Mar-a-Lago raid good for Dems or Repubs or neither?

One thing both parties can agree on, they want Trump gone. Of course, not all Republicans want him gone, but most do (while being afraid to utter those words publically). Kind of like a modern-day Joe McCarthy.

Some Dems want to keep Trump in the news to deflect attention away from crime, inflation, and such. But the bulk wants him buried and gone. Besides, they have a new "Roe v Wade" horse to ride.

This brings me to the idiocy of the raid. It appears the raid was over some documents which could have been handled without a SWAT team and will strengthen Trump's narrative about the "Deep State" being "out to get" him and us. The raid strengthens modern-day Joe. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

If the Left wants to bring Trump down, I'm in full support. Just don't screw up.

WSJ-Paul Gigot

A federal judge on Friday released a heavily redacted version of the affidavit the FBI used to justify its search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence this month. Even with the redactions, the release seemed to confirm that the search really is about a dispute over documents. It supports the argument made by David Rivkin and Lee Casey that Mr. Trump committed no crime because his rights under the Presidential Records Act override the statutes the Justice Department cited as a basis for the search.

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