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Washington Post without Trump as President fires it's owner?

Updated: Jun 4

You know who really misses seeing the Dark Lord in the Oval Office? The mainstream news media, particularly the left-leaning media...which is most of the media. Why...because their ratings have dropped like a rock once the Donald new cycle was largely gone. CNN and CNBC have taken the worse trouncing with ratings down over 50%

Don't worry guys...your fortunes are looking up.

Washington Post Replaces Executive Editor Sally Buzbee

Matt Murray, former editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal, and Robert Winnett of Telegraph Media Group to take on top newsroom roles

By Alexandra Bruell, WSJ

June 2, 2024 10:54 pm ET

Washington Post Executive Editor Sally Buzbee is stepping down, the latest leadership change at the Jeff Bezos-owned news organization as it contends with declining traffic and continued losses.

After the presidential election in November, Robert Winnett, deputy editor of Telegraph Media Group, will take on a new role as editor at the Post. He will be responsible for overseeing core coverage areas, such as politics, investigations and business. The core newsroom will also add a new suite of professional products.

Matt Murray, former editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal, will replace Buzbee in the executive editor role on an interim basis, and later this year become the leader of a new division focused on service and social media journalism, the company said in a statement. He will retain the executive editor title while leading the new unit, which the Post is calling a “third newsroom” targeting new readers “who feel traditional news is not for them but still want to be kept informed.”

The Post is dealing with declining traffic and subscriptions following a surge during the Trump presidency. It lost $77 million last year and digital revenue has fallen faster than print revenue since 2021, new CEO William Lewis said during a recent town hall meeting. It has also faced a steep digital audience decline of around 50% since 2020.

In October, the Post announced voluntary buyouts to reduce its head count by 240. Bezos recently told the newsroom that he wants the company to return to profitability.

Buzbee, who joined in 2021 from the Associated Press, expanded coverage areas such as wellness and climate coverage, but an effort to expand the Post’s appeal beyond core political coverage failed to yield the desired results.

The news organization is in the throes of an effort called “Build It” to reach a broader range of readers and customers. Lewis, the former CEO of Wall Street Journal parent company Dow Jones, has announced a goal to reach three million subscribers by 2025. Earlier this year, he told staff that number was around 2.5 million.

Since joining in January, Lewis has hired several senior leaders, including former Dow Jones executives Suzi Watford and Karl Wells, who are now the Post’s chief strategy officer and chief growth officer, respectively.

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