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What costs more: US defense budget or wildfires?

As I've been saving, spending more on early fire detection, firefighters and equipment is money well spent, that we don't spend! A wildfire addressed in the first 24 hours never becomes an out-of-control behemoth that can't be stopped. Of course, our shit-for-brains Federal Gov hasn't figured that out yet.

Also, the Green Lobby also hasn't figured out that wildfires do more environmental damage now than cars. I guess the trees need to drive EV cars?

Then again we need to rope the f-cking Canadians into our solution since they are the worst. I don't mean just their wildfires either. They drink Labatts for god's sake.

* By the way, sorry about the "shit for brains" crack. I didn't mean to denigrate feces that way.

A new report by Joint Economic Committee Democrats estimates that wildfires have a price tag between $394 billion and $893 billion each year, thanks to both the impact on people and mitigation effects of wildfire smoke, as well as other factors scarily charted below.

By Quartz Media

This year, thanks to El Niño, wildfires were especially bad, with the US blanketed in smoke from fires in Canada. To help put numbers in context, Clarisa Diaz has pointed out other big expenditures on the US economy: National defense costs roughly $766 billion per year and education and social services cost $677 billion. The combined wildfire management budgets of the US Department of Interior and the US Forest Service—while growing—are less than $3 billion.

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