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Which cities are most religious, multi enthnic....?

Great 3 min video.

There's a great comment in here "No matter who you are, America probably has a place that's just right for you". Now to steal a point from Ben Shapiro, "it's ok for people who want a California lifestyle to live/move there and those who want a Texas lifestyle to live there" so long as the Federal government operates without a heavy hand and lets each lifestyle option exist.

For Biden to have invited millions of migrants to enter, of which 95% end up residing in border states is unfair to the Southern half of our country. Also, people should gain entry to our nation based on what they contribute (skills, ability to pay taxes follow laws...) not on their refugee status. We don't have the capacity to accept the world's downtrodden in any sort of significant numbers.

Better to use our economic, political, and in certain cases surgical military assets to enact change in nations that threaten our border and their own populace. Venezuela is a prime example. Maduro should not be allowed to rule. He is a threat to our vital strategic interests.

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