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Which products contribute most to Apple's bottom line?

As you can see below, over 50% of Apple's revenue comes from the sale of Iphones. Talk about having your eggs in one basket! They better figure out how to keep techies buying the latest and greatest phones else Apple's revenues are going to level off.

Speaking of having one's eggs in one basket, Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway has 50% (five oh) of it's assets under management invested in Apple stock. Wooo....he's 93 years young and doesn't know what the f-ck he's doing. the lemmings who still worship this dude. Seriously?

Charted: Apple’s Product Revenue (2007-2023)

February 6, 2024

By Niccolo Conte, Visual Capitalist

Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007, Apple’s product launches have continuously diversified the company’s revenue sources.

This infographic illustrates Apple’s revenue by product between 2007 and 2023, based on the company’s 10-K filings for the period.

iPhone: A Top-Selling Icon of All Time

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, Steve Jobs labeled it a “revolutionary product”. That same year, the phone represented just 0.5% of the company’s total revenue. Today, it corresponds to over half of it.

Initially sold exclusively through AT&T for $499, it has since become the company’s most profitable product and one of the world’s most popular phones, with over 2.3 billion units sold and a user base of over 1.5 billion active users.

In 2015, the iPhone’s share of Apple product revenue peaked at 66%, coinciding with the release of the iPhone 6.

Apple has also experienced a shift in the share of revenue originating from its Mac division. In 2007, Macs represented 43% of the company’s revenue, while iPods accounted for 35%.

Since 2015, however, services and accessories/wearables (such as the Apple Watch and AirPods) have contributed increasingly to the company’s revenue shares. Mac revenue declined by 27% year over year in 2023, making up only 8% of Apple’s total revenue.

Infographic illustrating Apple's revenue by product between 2007 and 2023.

More recently, the growth of services and accessories/wearables has started to slow down, mirroring trends seen in other product lines.

Perhaps the next question for the company is whether the Apple Vision Pro, a wearable computer that projects output directly into the eyes and is primarily controlled through eye tracking and gestures, will become a consistent source of revenue and product line.

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