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Who gets more ad revenue? Amazon, YouTube or Twitter?

Yes, but the Spritzler Report offers advertisers the highly sought-after demographic of emotionally disturbed narcissists who are literally dripping with money.

By Chart R

Amazon has said that the limited ads will allow the company to continue its content spending, which soared 28% to $16.6 billion in 2022, after splashing out on mega shows like The Rings of Power. While commercial breaks might be new to Prime Video, advertising has been a burgeoning segment in Bezos’s behemoth for some time. Indeed, in the most recent quarter, ads on Amazon brought in nearly $10.7 billion, up 22% on last year. That haul makes it one of the largest advertising businesses in the world — bigger than YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter (now X), which combined for just $9.3bn of ad revenue in their most recent quarters.

Remarkably, Amazon’s ad business only made up ~8% of its whopping $134 billion net sales for the period, and some industry experts believe that margins in the ad division could be “well over 50%”, which would mean it brought in as much operating profit as the company's much-lauded AWS business in 2022.

Prime Video ads, on the other hand, are likely to be a lot less lucrative, as they won’t be shown to people with what the marketing industry calls “high intent”. When you search for “air fryer”, and Amazon shows you a sponsored air fryer brand in the search results, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll buy it than if you’d just seen it between episodes of your favorite show.

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