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Who's the biggest unicorn in the SP 500

Just how rare is growing revenue 262% in a year? Very.

David Crowther, Chart R

5/24/24 10:54AM

All AIs on me

For the stock market, the story of this week has been the story of the past year, with all eyes locked on AI-computing leader Nvidia. The company’s quarterly earnings, released after the bell on Wednesday, revealed revenue that was up an eye-watering 262% and profits that were even more extraordinary, with net income growing more than 600% on the same quarter last year. Without using expletives or multiple exclamation marks, it’s hard to emphasize just how remarkable those numbers are.

Shares in the company rose another 9% after the fact, taking Nvidia close to a $2.6 trillion market cap, up more than $1.8 trillion in the last 12 months. That's roughly equivalent to adding the value of a New York Times Company ($8B) every 38 hours or a Goldman Sachs (market cap $148B) every single month… for a year.

Indeed, relative to its peers in the S&P 500, Nvidia’s growth makes it an outlier in every sense of the word. The average company in the S&P 500 has seen 5.5% sales growth in the last 12 months, and the only stock even remotely close to Nvidia’s 262% figure is Super Micro Computer — another (much smaller) business that’s been riding the AI wave.

As the wider stock market has boomed off of any AI chatter, Nvidia is one of the few companies turning buzz into actual bottom line results.

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