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Whoopi asks View co-host if she's preggo. Ouch!

When in doubt, go for it! You can always fall back and simply offer, "Sorry you look a little overripe lately. Hitting White Castle especially hard?"

Fans slam ‘disgusting’ Whoopi Goldberg for rude question to co-host on ‘The View’

By Jack Hobbs, NY Post

Sep. 14, 2023

Whoopi Goldberg sent several fans of “The View” reeling Thursday after she randomly asked her co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin if she was pregnant.

In a clip posted to X (formerly Twitter) the “Sister Act” star can be heard rambling about the state of America before breaking off suddenly and asking Griffin, 34, if she was with child.

“To too much has happened in the country for the rot to have not been there,” said Goldberg, “And it doesn’t have to be black folks or Native American folks. It’s folks who come from other places.”

The “Ghost” actress continued by saying that it has grown incredibly hard for her to watch the people of the US disregard each other when she suddenly breaks off and looks toward an enraptured Griffin.

“Are you pregnant,” Goldberg blurted out, causing Griffin to gasp in shock.

“No,” yelled the former White House Director of Strategic Communications. “Oh my God.”

“You can’t say that with my mother-in-law here,” continued Griffin. “Who has been dying for me to get pregnant.”

The Post reached out to Griffin and Goldberg for comment.

Following the declaration, the entire studio erupted into chaos with many audience members screeching their delight while Goldberg’s co-host admonished the EGOT winner.

“Why would you say that,” asked the confused hosts while the camera cut to the show’s executive producer, Brian Teta, who muttered something into his headset.

Once some semblance of calm was restored to the show, Griffen asked Goldberg if she looked pregnant to which “The Color Purple” said “yes!”

“I just got a vibe,” stammered Goldberg trying to smooth the whole thing over as Griffin asked if she had “the glow.”

Goldberg then started apologizing profusely before Sunny Hostin, 54, jumped into the conversation and joked that they should take bets.

“I’m very open to be pregnant soon,” said Griffin, overpowering her co-anchors. “But I am not blessed to be pregnant yet.”

Griffen then added that she and her husband were “thinking about it.”

Goldberg’s out-of-left-field comment left several X users aghast.

“That’s super rude to ask another woman on live tv. Why not ask while they are preparing for the show beforehand,” slammed one user.

“This is so wrong. Whoopi is a mess,” growled a second user. “Even if she were pregnant, she would have forced her to announce with that question. She could ask during break or before the start of the show. Such a disgusting behavior.”

Other users defended the host claiming that it was not meant to be hurtful.

“Those of us at a certain age lose our filters,” reasoned an X user. “I’ve blurted out things I would never have said when I was younger and gave a s – – t. Whoopi gonna be Whoopi. It was a bit rude but oh well.”

“I think Whoopi is right,” said a second person. “I did the exact same thing to my nephew’s wife at a family wedding in June and three weeks later, we got the confirmation call. Older ladies can tell when someone is pregnant”

This is not the first time Goldberg has had an NSFW slip-up.

In June, the controversial host shocked audiences when she accidentally subbed out the word “beaches” for “bitches.”

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