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Zeihan: Houthis and Red Sea...should we bomb Iran?

Updated: Jun 5

Love Zeihan, however, I have a slightly different view of this.

The Houthis are completely supported economically by Iran. Iran sells its oil to China. While the Houthis may have targeted a few Chinese vessels, in general, they don't touch anything going that country who's their parents' benefactor.

So the US and other powers let Iran's proxy shoot at their ships, are forced to send them halfway around the world to avoid the Red Sea and do nothing. Instead, we supply weaponry to Ukraine and Israel and leave Iran alone? That makes a ton of sense. Let's continue to "leave them alone" until they develop nuclear weapons.

If you deal with Iran properly, the entire terrorist problem gets fixed as they supply Hezbollah and Hamas their Oxygen to And of course, the Houthis, so shipping can return to normal.

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