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The Spritzler Report

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ChatGPT Libeled Me. Can I Sue?

I'd like to point out that you can NOT sue the Spritzler Report. I'm special in that I never let the facts ruin a good story. If I've...

Who Owns the University?

Check out the famous Apple ad in the mold of Orwells 1984. Today Big Brother, at least in our collegiate institutions, is pushing...

US Oil production and Vlad?

Hey tree hugging idiots! If you want to help the EU, we should ramp up oil production and send it there so they're not completely...

Is your natural gas bill "on fire"!

OMG, how could Putin do this to me? Has he no heart? Oh, the suffering. Lucky for me that Biden shuttered the fossil fuel industry. Oh...

Spritzler awesome pic of the day!

That's right, not only am I a threat behind the typewriter, but also behind the lens. These babies taken Monday night on the Uranium...

Benjamin Netanyahu behaving badly?

Hey, everyone wants a "get out of jail card," but this is ridiculous. Why is Israel descending into political turmoil so far into...

The "heart bomb", sandwiches!

The American Diet Has a Sandwich Problem Americans’ favorite lunch is a ‘heart bomb’ of salt, preservatives and sugar. But doctors say...

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