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Kass News: Need for speed

I think Chicago needs to rebrand. I think we should rename it Gotham City. Need for Speed…Camera Reform: Chicago’s Robot Enforcement...

Does Stress Cause Ulcers?

I don't get ulcers I give them! Does Stress Cause Ulcers? Here’s what the evidence suggests about this long-running claim. By Melinda...

Snitz to launch Hasidic Ken!

Amazon Prime Video will be promoting Snitz's new movie which features a young Ken with dreams of following in the footsteps of baseball...

Should you invest in India or China?

Really? You need to think about this? India Beats China (in Stock Performance) India’s stock market has boomed while China’s has slumped,...

Is Isreali about to enter a 2nd war?

Yes, and that means more business for American Weapons manufacturers! That's why today, Spritzler Financial has a "buy" recommendation...

Would you go up in a Boeing rocket?

I'm not sure. They haven't asked me yet. Besides I'm holding out for Musk. It's SpaceX or nothing. Boeing Starliner's return to earth...

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