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The Spritzler Report

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Feel good story of the week.

Illinois considers "right to die" law Data: Death With Dignity; Map: Simran Parwani/Axios Visuals Illinois legislators this month...

Geriatric of the Month: Donald Bennett

Man, 83, charged in string of bank robberies — after spending decades behind bars for similar crimes Donald Bennett complained in 2022...

The Approval Ratings of World Leaders

And in first place, a corrupt dirtbag the leader of India. BAM. And coming in at 2nd Place, a corrupt dirtbag the leader of Mexico. ...

The growing gender political divide

The problem is men have little empathy for others and see the world only thru the lens of facts not feelings. BTW, this is my favorite...

Another climate joke

Think about what's created the biggest environmental issue for Americans in the last two years. Wildfires rate high on the list. Both...

F-cking Pickleball.

Yep, I took some lessons this winter. I'm anxious to join the rest of the lemmings marching off the cliff. I have a bad ass racket and...

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