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Plenty of Food Aid Is Getting to Gaza

Oh really? The US after spending billions building a humanitarian pier in Gaza recently reported that no (yup ZERO) aid has been...

The Sad Case of Hunter Biden

Not sure that "sad" is the term I'd use. The idea that this this dude, drugged out of his mind at the time wanted to run around with a...

Texas kicking ass? Who else?

Let's see not Illinois, NY or the other folks in yellow. Texas’ economy has been firing on all cylinders recently… and now the state...

Life expectancy by region

Quit complaining about our memory-challenged Commander and Chief. It could be worse. You could be a peasant living in Africa circa...

General Mills run by the KKK

I was going to boycott their products. Then I looked up their products. Did you know that the Green Giant works for these bastards? I...

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