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$20 million is a drop in the bucket

As if the City didn't need more police, more blah blah blah. $20 million is now going to help 5,000 illegal immigrants.

Now consider what it would be like to be running a city or town in one of our border states where 3 million folks have crossed illegally since Joe took office. Wonder why they have a slight problem with our porous border policy?

State lawmakers approve sending $20 million to Chicago for care, housing of migrants

Mayor Lori Lightfoot had requested $53.5 million from legislators from Chicago after the state said it would cut off fiscal support for migrants. The bill heads to the governor.

By Emmanuel Camarillo, Suntimes

Jan 18, 2023, 8:57pm MST

Some immigrants from Venezuela eat fast food on a bus outside Union Station in August after arriving from Texas.

Some immigrants from Venezuela eat fast food on a bus outside Chicago’s Union Station Aug. 31, 2022, after arriving from Texas.Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times

Chicago is set to receive $20 million from the state to care for migrants arriving in the city.

On Jan. 10, state lawmakers passed an appropriations bill containing the millions for costs associated with “shelter, transportation, basic health and first aid, food” and other needs for asylum seekers. The bill is awaiting Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s signature.

But $20 million is less than what Mayor Lori Lightfoot was hoping for. Late last month, Lightfoot sent a letter to state legislators from Chicago asking for their help in securing $53.5 million in additional state funding through the end of the fiscal year to care for the migrants.

Her plea came just one day after the state informed Chicago that it would soon terminate all fiscal support to the city for migrant services.

Since late August, more than 5,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Chicago aboard chartered buses from Texas and Colorado. Of the new arrivals, 3,937 have accepted shelter and services from the city, county and state, Chicago officials said.

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