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#3 is Cricket? You got to be kidding me!

OMG, this is Bollywood on steroids. Indian Premier League and did you know that 1.1 billion people over there watch Cricket?

I'm going to learn whatever language they speak over there, put a Buddha in our front yard and launch the Spritzler Report Delhi Edition.

As anyone who read our Sunday deep dive on Wiki last month will know, the site’s become a first stop for many netizens looking to learn more about a developing story or the latest hot topic, with over 84 billion views on the English version of the “free encyclopedia” in 2023 alone.

This year, somewhat unsurprisingly, the page for ChatGPT garnered more attention than any other article, with a staggering 49.5 million views from people trying to get to grips with the OpenAI chatbot. More morbidly, perhaps, was the Wiki article for “Deaths in 2023” coming in 2nd place — a page that gives a timeline of the year with notable people who’ve passed so far in 2023.

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