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Alan Dershowitz's analysis of the four cases against Donald

Good thought-provoking content. His key points as I understand:

  • Stormy Daniels: Going nowhere.

  • Florida classified docs: Good technical case with a smoking gun, however, it's a fairly non-serious crime given almost all politicos have classified docs in their possession. There's no evidence he shared any of these with anyone to the detriment of our country.

  • Jan 6th. Not going to survive through the Supreme Court's review. The DOJ improperly omits the key few words in Trump's speech to protestors "I want you to protest peacefully and patriotically".

  • Georgia: Did he say "manufacturer" votes or "find" votes? He said the latter. Can the prosecution prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his intent was to find the votes through illegal means? Or did he mean to find legitimate votes?

Dershowitz additionally suggests Trump is a liar and a jackass. That's contemptible but not necessarily illegal.

As I said, getting Trump found guilty in such a manner that he can't serve as President is highly speculative. These cases continuing to boost the Trump brand and his polling numbers is not speculative. It's a sure thing.

Do I care if Trump is prosecuted? Only if the prosecution isn't successful and it helps elect the idiot. Personally, I like to see the cases proceed after the 2024 election when they don't play into Donald's hands.

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