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Amazon and ChatGPT battle it out for AI supremacy?

Summary(& Snitz's commentary):

  • Amazon's web services are a huge part of its bottom line. How big? Try 74% of their total revenue! Their web services division controls about 41% of the market share in that space.

  • They are going to integrate four big AI platforms,own which are being developed at lightspeed to work with their web services platform. Jurassic-2, Claud, Stable Diffusion and their own Amazon Titan.

  • Claude is a relatively new competitor started by Chat GPT guys who plans to overtake Chat GPT's program performance within 18 months. Amazon recently invested $300 million with them, and they have apparently got commitments for several billion to be spent in their battle to win supremacy over Chat GPT.

  • AI competitors are racing to get the lead, sort of like Tesla did in the EV car space. Microsoft the other large player in web services, is also going balls out to develop AI platform services.

  • Elon Musk and several members of Congress are suggesting a 6-month moratorium on AI research to study the practical and ethical issues around this technology. Good luck with that. The race is on and the alpha players are rabid dogs which won't allow anyone to hold them back.

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