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Kass: Are Hamas Murder Raids the Wake-Up Call for Biden’s Woke America?

Are Hamas Murder Raids the Wake-Up Call for Biden’s Woke America?

By John Kass

October 13, 2023

As those selfish hateful privileged children—students at elite American universities like those at Harvard who’ve been primed by Marxist professors spit their bile on massacred Israeli civilians–the Iranian backed Palestinian terror group Hamas and its supporters in the Democrat Party called for two things:

Hamas called for a cease fire, although like the wolf in sheep’s clothing they did so after after having committed unspeakable war crimes, from murdering babies to the taking of hostages away in their tunnels under Gaza.

And second, they began their own counter-offensive in their new day of public relations rage, shrieking on social media and to their allies in corrupt corporate media that Israel was to blame, that Israel over-reacted, to confuse the issue and muddy reality in the propaganda wars, while hoping to justify the murders they committed.

It has taken decades for the American Bolsheviks to drive out and cripple the old America that won the last World War. The left has won the media–just look at the drooling idiocy of MSNBC and the moral equivalence pushed out by the corrupt legacy corporate media. They have won the universities and other institutions and have accomplished their goal. They have weakened America, perhaps irreparably as our enemies think of slitting American throats.

But now, just days after the Hamas savagery against civilians in Gaza, as Israel Defense Forces gather this weekend to rescue their hostages taken captive and exact righteous revenge against Iranian-backed Hamas, a man of the West asks a question bound to irritate the Democrats:

When will America wake up from the woke delusions brought by the Obama-Biden regimes, the first delusion being that the murderous terror-supporting Iran belongs anywhere in the community of civilized nations?

Will America ever wake up from that Obama inspired dream of the nuclear Iran? Or is reality just too difficult to process, as we seek to cultural suicide through the pursuit of broken utopian dreams?

The universities have long been turned to the political left as the new Bolsheviks conquered institution after institution, from government to media, marching to conquest and destruction of America. Wealthy college students screamed against Israel, against Western colonialism, a favorite trope of “the Squad” and other Democrats–the illiterate among them unaware that even the concept of the university is itself a Greek and therefore Western idea.

Harvard students and those from other elite universities screamed and protested against Israel, and many pro-Palestinian groups celebrated the Hamas massacre of civilians. The conservative Christopher Ruffo put it this way on Twitter (now called X):

“The irony is that the modern university is a creation of the West—Bologna, Paris, Oxford, Harvard. There is nothing to “decolonize” because they are indigenous to Western culture. A truly “decolonized” university would be nothing more than a pile of rubble, a voodoo ceremony.”

The left got its rage and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu initiated Israel’s righteous revenge.

As of this writing a teacher was just stabbed to death in France by some student shouting to “Allahu Akbar!” Think of it. A teacher. And meanwhile, elite American college students–pampered through life–were horrified that their public support of Hamas war crimes might cost them in finding a job. Cry me a river. These are the same left wing students who demand “safe spaces” for them to condemn the West without consequence, from the same universities that allow only preferred leftist speech.

At Saturday’s anti-Israel rallies, many of the young cowards panicked and covered their faces, lest they be held accountable for their ugly hateful words, yet they were encouraged by media to anonymously trash Israel.

Democrat socialists and their unctuous apologists in media have long sought to blame Israel, because the Marxist left hates Jews and always blames Israel. Law enforcement agencies across America were put on high alert.

What will it take to wake America up? If the screams of the Israeli women being raped by Hamas Palestinian terrorists in Gaza doesn’t wake Americans up, what will? If the suffering of the murdered and decapitated children doesn’t wake Americans up, what will?

We know that Hamas supporters have been protected and supported by the hard Bolshevik left and the Squad. If they were hateful conservatives they would be publicly exposed.

And we also know that the left wing architect of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is Rob Malley, the U.S. envoy to Iran. He has been placed in limbo by the Biden White House, most likely as damage control over an FBI investigation into a reported misuse of classified material and his ties to Iran.

In the first few days following the Iranian-backed Hamas attacks, the major TV news networks–except for Fox News–avoided most mention of Malley. The pro-Democrat corporate news media avoids mentioning Iran and Malley, lest they lead voters to the Biden White House. According to the conservative media watchdog site

“Fox News Channel’s Special Report on Thursday covered a shocking story that Robert Malley the architect behind the Obama administration’s Iran nuclear deal was himself under investigation for alleged ties to the Iranian regime. During their Thursday evening newscasts, all three of the nightly news broadcasts avoided covering this revelation.

“Instead, they decided Olympic athlete Mary Lou Retton’s daughter battling pneumonia (ABC) and local weather reports (CBS) were all more important stories.”

As the Palestinians and their allies from the Democrat Socialist left continue to play public relations and propaganda as Israel rightfully invades Gaza to hunt down the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists, will Americans wake up?

To appease the politics of the hard left, we’ve sat mostly silent as Biden and the Democrats declared war on fossil fuel, eliminating our once strongly held belief in our own energy independence. Now we allow Iran which hates us and Russia that fears us to dominate the world oil market for the benefit of China, that hands millions upon millions of petro-dollars to China, which seeks to someday put its boots on our children’s necks.

The whining and weeping and crying of the American intelligence services under Joe Biden didn’t promote confidence, particularly the CIA that promoted Biden’s transgender political agendas and pronouns than in doing its job which is to keep watch on our enemies.

And under the Obama-Biden administrations, Democrats have demanded that the the U.S. Armed forces suffer the Bolshevik compulsion and fascination with pronouns and skin pigment, not American strength and independence.

And so, another question from a man of the West:

Is the Chinese military or China’s intelligence service concerned about the pronouns of its soldiers?

No. They’re concerned about conquest of the West.

In her excellent essay “Campus Cowardice and Where the Buck Stops,” in The Free Press, journalist Bari Weiss notes the hypersensitivity of the political left that has captured the universities cares little for the victims. The same political left doesn’t seem all that concerned over the mass murders, rapes and beheadings of innocent Israelis in Gaza.

“The campus administrators—so quick to offer statements on climate change and the war in Ukraine and Roe v. Wade—offered silence or equivocation this week in the face of mass murder. Meanwhile, student groups at some of the most elite college campuses in the country were positively gleeful.”

The West sleeps as the Democrat hard left captures its institutions.

The West sleeps as their chinless and woke military leaders become more concerned with currying favor among Democrat politicians, and embracing transgender politics, while bleating out Marxist slogans like “white fragility” and shovel this and other slogans down the throats of people made docile.

We have over-indulged our young, in a single-minded effort to raise them soft, to raise them as weaklings, with the idea that we’ll protect them from consequences of their decisions, that everyone gets a trophy just for participating. We’ve sat idly by as Democrats have opened our borders to millions of illegal immigrants who have overwhelmed the cities with unknown thousands on terrorist watch lists.

And we’ve shamed ourselves into silence, we’ve trained ourselves to avoid conflicts with Democrats who’ve opened the borders, allowing poisonous fentanyl to kill the young.

We’ve slept as old-fashioned notions of meritocracy were abandoned in favor of the new social contract, strict adherence to racial/gender preferences. We know using race this way is racist, but we’ve made ourselves afraid to speak out, lest we be shamed by those who control social media.

And we’ve slept in thrall to the siren song of Obama-Biden Democrats who’ve protected the ambitions of a nuclear Iran as the Marxist left consumes the soiled remnants of the American news media. We can’t trust the corporate legacy media to report fairly and honestly about the major issues of the day, including whether the president of the United States has been compromised by our enemies, including Communist China.

In this crisis, we are in desperate need of steady and adult American leadership. All we get are the posturing of children as Iran sends its public relations battalions out to confuse us and erase the moral clarity the West needs if it wants to survive.

When will America wake up?

(Copyright 2023 John Kass)

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