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Are men becoming less to say this...less spermy?

This is bad. Really bad. I don't know how or why? I suspect too many guys secretly watch Oprah or the View. Maybe they're becoming more empathetic or, worse, getting in touch with their feelings.

But men's sperm counts globally have declined on average by almost 52% since the 1970s. Are you paying attention? I didn't even realize Oprah was broadcast in most areas of the globe.

At this rate were not going to have any babies. On the other hand, most Millennials are more interested in raising canines, so I suppose this isn't a bad thing. Who knows, birth control may become unnecessary.

Honestly, this is all happening too fast for me. WTF.

Dare you think I'm making this up, click the link below for the Oxford Meta-Analysis. Really excited reading.

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