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Are you young? Want a home? Suck it!

Listen, honestly? I'm getting tired of the constant whining. I own a home (actually a sprawling 300-acre estate with a string of Polo Ponies) but that's not in the cards for you.

So let's drop the matter and how about you get back to work?

U.S. homebuyers are getting much older, according to a recent University of California, Berkeley study.

Why it matters: For young people especially, homeownership is increasingly out of reach.

Zoom in: Homeownership is most delayed in California, where the majority of people don't own a home until 49, per the study.

People are buying homes at least a decade later in life in California, Hawaii, New York, Nevada, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi, compared to 1980.

Iowa has the youngest buyers (29) and experienced the least change from 1980 (two years).

Alaska is the only state where homeowners are getting younger. The majority of Alaskans owned a home by 35 in 2021, compared to 36 in 2000.

What's happening: Median U.S. home values have nearly doubled in the last decade. Meanwhile, household incomes have only grown by roughly 13.5% during that same period.

The intrigue: Homeownership is still widely cited as a pillar of the American dream.

Yes, but: There's a growing share of renters who value being untethered to ownership.

Go deeper: "Nepo-homebuyers": 38% of young buyers use family money for down payments

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