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Bob Barker, America's greatest Indian and Price is Right host Dies.

Oh, that lecherous Native American. Wait a minute, he was just raised on a Reservation? I'm getting confused here.

What? I'm not peddling lascivious trash here. No one is forcing you to see that awesome video. Go ahead don't watch. I dare you!

Bob Barker Dies

1440 News/Time Inc.

Bob Barker, the iconic host of the longest-running game show in North America, "The Price is Right," died Saturday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 99.

Born in 1923, Barker was raised in South Dakota's Rosebud Indian Reservation, where he was an enrolled member (see bio), rising to fame in 1956 as host of the game show "Truth or Consequences." In 1972, he was chosen to helm the daytime game show "The Price is Right," for which he would go on to win 18 Daytime Emmys and a Lifetime Achievement Award for his over 35 years as host. A lifelong animal welfare activist, he reportedly quit hosting the Miss America pageant after contestants began wearing animal furs. He was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2004.

Barker reached cult status in the 1996 comedy "Happy Gilmore," where, playing himself, he beat up the character played by Adam Sandler.

Despite his wholesome public image, Barker was also at the center of a few controversies during his 35 years on The Price Is Right. Multiple women filed lawsuits against Barker; the show's production company was also sued on several occasions, not all during Barker's tenure, by models and staff members. One of the most high-profile lawsuits against Barker came in 1994 from the model Dian Parkinson, who alleged that Barker forced her to have sex with him so she could keep her job as one of "Barker's Beauties"—a term used to describe the models who showcased the prizes on The Price Is Right. She also claimed that she was later wrongfully terminated. Barker, who became a widower in 1981, at first denied her claim but later said he and Parkinson had a consensual sexual relationship for years. Parkinson later dropped the lawsuit.

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