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Burke not running for re-election

During my over 25 years as a Chicago real estate developer, I got a bunch of helpful advice from Ald Burke. He never asked me to use his law firm or a dime. I've worked with several aldermen, and he was among the most honorable (at least to me).

Burke not running for re-election

Axios News

Powerful yet embattled Ald. Ed Burke is not running for re-election in the 14th ward.

He did not turn in his signatures by the deadline.

Why it matters: The longest-serving city alderperson had signaled he was going to run for re-election despite being indicted on corruption charges.

Context: Burke has served in city council for more than 50 years.

At the age of 24, he was the youngest person ever elected to City Council.

He was once head of the powerful finance committee.

Burke was a leader of the "Vrdolyak 29," a group of white aldermen who blocked then-Mayor Harold Washington's initiatives in Chicago's City Council.

Yes, but: In 2019, Burke was indicted on a slew of corruption charges, including allegedly shaking down a fast-food restaurant in his ward. He pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial, tentatively set for autumn 2023.

Yesterday during a court filing, attorneys revealed there are 90 video recordings of meetings made by ex-Ald. Daniel Solis that have been turned over to the feds in this case.

Plus 34,000 recorded phone calls.

The intrigue: The news coincides with the retirement of his wife, Justice Anne Burke. Her last day on the bench is tomorrow.

Of note: Ed Burke becomes the latest alderperson to not seek re-election in 2023.

Between the lines: Burke famously said the only way an alderperson leaves the job is via "the ballot box, the jury box or the pine box."

It looks like the longtime power broker found another way out.

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