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Chicago backs off renaming Columbus Dr to Obama Dr?

OMG, f-ck the 500,000 Italians that live here. We need to honor an African American. If not Obama how about MLK? Oh, we already have one of those. The point is that Barack was the best politician Chicago ever had or ever will have.

Yes, he got nothing done in Washington except Obamacare which as lead to an 80% increase in health insurance costs, and did a superb job in Libya and yes...gave in to Iran and let them develop nucs.

Does he have a residence here? No, he lives with a bunch of rich White folks in Martha's Vineyard (in his $12 million mansion). He does come back to Chicago, his home town, from time to time to promote the Obama Presidential Library...which fucks up a public park (Jackson Park). But that's not nearly enough homage to pay to this pillar of identify politics.

Chicago reconsiders ‘offensive’ plan to rename Columbus Drive for Barack Obama after outraged Italian-Americans step in

By Haley Brown, NY Post

Published March 27, 2024

A Chicago politician is thinking twice about renaming Columbus Drive for Barack Obama after outraged Italian-Americans questioned why the former president should be honored “at the expense of one ethnic group.”

The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans had blasted the proposed rebranding as “offensive” last week, with president Ron Onesti describing it as “insensitive and unvetted.”

Onesti had questioned “why must it be at the expense of one ethnic group, and why take such a noble effort and attach it to an action offensive to the over 500,000 Americans of Italian descent in and around Chicago,” according to The Hill.

Robinson said the name change was about promoting tourism while honoring Black men.

But after the backlash Robinson and Onesti met over the weekend, the spokesperson said.

“They’re still talking about it so no one feels like their group is being ethnically discriminated against,” the spokesperson said. “Nothing is set in stone right now.”

In a press release after the meeting Onseti said Robinson was “sensitive” to the concerns of the Italian-American organization.

“Alderman seemed genuinely concerned about finding a way to honor the 44th President in a fashion that all communities would get behind,” Onseti’s statement read.

Photo of Barack Obama.

Under a proposed ordinance Columbus Drive would be renamed Barack Obama Drive.

Columbus Drive runs north to south for 2.21 miles and divides Grant Park.

Robinson’s office said the name change was more about honoring Obama’s history than removing Christopher Columbus.

“It’s not because of the controversy around him, Barack Obama had a historic victory speech at Grant Park, it’s steps away from Columbus,” the spokesperson said.

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