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Do the majority of states yet allow legal marijuana?

Joint efforts

Proponents for the legalization of marijuana will celebrate the fact that the majority — some 54% — of Americans now live in a state where recreational use of the drug is now legal, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.

Since Colorado and Washington first legalized marijuana back in 2012, a wave of laws have passed across the country decriminalizing its use, following a broader trend of public support for legalization. As of today, some 24 states have legalized, with another 14 that allow its consumption for medicinal purposes. Although California has the most cannabis dispensaries in aggregate, with more than 3,600 in total, it is actually Oklahoma that has the most per capita — with 36 dispensaries for every 100,000 OK residents.

Zooming out: Last week, lawmakers in Germany approved the legalization of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. If signed off by the country's Federal Council, it will make Germany by far the largest of the few European countries to legalize.

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