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Every person in the US is planning to travel this summer!

US Travel Association

In February 2022, travel spending ($83 billion) was 6% below 2019 levels, an improvement from the omicron-led regression to -12% in January, and nearly back to December’s pandemic peak of “only” -4%.

Nearly nine in 10 Americans (85%) are expecting to travel this summer—eight in 10 plan to travel in their personal vehicles and 46% plan to fly. Close to half (48%) plan to take two weeks or more time off.

Close to six in 10 (59%) American travelers believe travel prices are too high right now and one third reported that high prices prevented them from traveling in the past month .

More than three-quarters (77%) of business travelers and 64% of employed Americans agree it is more important than ever to bring back business travel.

Overseas travel to the U.S.—which improved from -78% (vs 2019) in October to -51% in December, but regressed to -65% in January due to omicron—remained 60% below 2019 levels in February.

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