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Great overview of recent Ukraine events: Xi suggests cease-fire, we say NO? US B52s intercepted?

Suggest you listen to the first 8 minutes for sure (the whole thing is excellent). Outlines a few things our administration is doing that I deem nuts and extraordinarily dangerous.

  • Today our military chooses to have two B52 bombers conduct maneuvers to practice launching cruise missiles 200 miles from Russian airspace? That caused Russia to send fighter jets to intercept and turn our planes back. What possible benefit is there except to provoke a confrontation with the nation that, except for the US, has more nuclear warheads than any power on earth?

  • Xi Jinping visits Russia and suggests to Putin that both sides agree to a temporary cease-fire (end of fighting) & Biden's naval representative immediately says "No". Has our government lost its mind? Ukraine is being bombed into oblivion by Russia, 45% of it's inhabitants have left the country or have been displaced from their homes and we want to prolong the fighting? For what? Each week, Putin gains more ground, and the Ukraine people suffer more. Insanity.

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