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Has your opponent done something bad? You need Spritzler PR!

Did they mess around with some other women? Sniff glue, pedophile, sexually harass a worker? This isn't going to do you any good if it's a secret. That's where we come in. Social media isn't enough, we have contacts with local news stations and will have some great looking billboards up before you can say Joe McCarthy.

Mr Wilhoite? Yes he is a client. However the evidence against him while persuasive is overshadowed by the fact that his wife wasn't well liked and he pays well. And yes our sister arm Spritzler Crisis Mgmt did keep this story in the bag until after the election.

No, I'm not at liberty to say whether H Biden is a client. Wink wink.

Indiana man charged with wife’s murder wins GOP town board primary

BY CHLOE FOLMAR - 05/06/22 10:07 AM ET

A man in prison on charges of murdering his wife won a Boone County, Ind., town board primary election Thursday.

Farmer Andrew Wilhoite, who is accused of murdering his wife, Nikki Wilhoite, before dumping her dead body in a nearby creek, won 21.74 percent of the vote for Clinton Township Board representative, becoming one of three winners in the Republican primary.

Police told WXIN News that Nikki Wilhoite’s body was retrieved from the creek early Saturday morning and that Andrew Wilhoite is accused of hitting his wife over the head with a blunt object before throwing her in the body of water.

Nikki Wilhoite had just finished chemotherapy treatments for her cancer, according to her husband’s social media accounts.

Nikki Wilhoite had filed for divorce weeks before the incident in March.

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Andrew Wilhoite told police that he and his wife had gotten into a fight the night before her disappearance and police found blood in the master bedroom and bathroom.

Wilhoite told police that he hit his wife in the face with a cement flower pot after she physically attacked him and admitted that he put her in the back of his truck and threw her in the creek after being unsure what to do when she fell unconscious.

The Hill has reached out to Indiana State Police for comment.

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