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Jordan Peterson compares Keto to Vegetarian Diet.

Hey, I'm just exposing you to some interesting sheet! Not telling you to buy a side of beef and eat nothing but...

What do I do? I drink water...that's it, folks (except on the bike). No sugars by the bottle. Almost zero alcohol although, drinking more could obviously help the Report.

Diet has protein sources including beef, fish, chicken, several types of beans, and lots of veggies. And I sniff a lot of glue. The glue part is key to my diet.

Honestly, I had severe autoimmune disease for 15 years. Having reduces my intake of sugar and high starch carbs coincided with the arthritis going into remission, I'm off taking biologics. Lucky Duck.

As for exercise, I'm a bike fanatic, hit the weights 2-3 times per week, hiking/skiing... and obviously more glue.

If nothing else, I urge you to try Testers Airplane Cement.

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