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Kass: Soros gave more than $15 million to Hamas? WTF.

Ok, George has supported the campaigns of socialists in major cities around the US (routinely throwing law enforcement under the bus) and yes he gave $15 million to Hamas, but that doesn't mean he's an anti sematic douchebag!

Ok, you caught me. I'm wrong...he is a Jew-hating Son of a Beach.

#MeToo Unless You’re a Jew

By John Kass

December 8, 2023

Was it only yesterday that critics of left-wing billionaire George Soros were apt to be denounced as antisemites, and socially isolated and silenced, threatened with loss of career and status?


But now it appears that the worm has turned. And that Soros defensive shield that relied upon fear and intimidation of good people has been weakened.

It started on the beginning of Hannukah, as Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan condemned Soros as “shameful” for reportedly funding pro-Hamas groups to the tune of more than $15 million. Some reports list more than $24 million or more.

Some 1,200 Israelis were killed, and hundreds of Israeli and Americans were taken hostage in the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks of Jews in Gaza. Jewish women were raped and murdered. Jewish children were murdered and tortured. Families were destroyed.

And Jews in America lived in fear as pro-Hamas activists threatened them, even at the great Ivy League universities, where rage-filled and blood curdling screams demanding Jewish genocide were blandly ignored by Ivy League administrators afraid they might anger the anti-Israel political left. And in the midst of all this, many wondered where the pro-Hamas money was coming from that fed the left-wing aggression among pro-Hamas nongovernmental organizations.

But Israel knew. Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan denounced Soros, a Jew, as “shameful” for backing pro-Hamas groups that support BDS, the anti-Israel intimidation tactic known as Boycott, Divest and Sanction.

“George Soros’ donations to organizations that seek the destruction of the State of Israel as a Jewish state is shameful,” Erdan told Fox News. “However, I am not surprised, for years, Soros has backed and transferred money to organizations supporting BDS that want to isolate Israel,” added Erdan, who has been leading the diplomatic campaign at the U.N. to spell out Hamas’ crimes against humanity. “They have never been about real peace or any solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

But Soros has always been about the leverage.

Just follow the money. Or ask the “rogue prosecutors” he has backed, in part because they don’t follow the law and they don’t compel lawbreakers to abide by the law.

By not enforcing the law, by deconstructing legitimate law-enforcement, Soros brings anarchy and chaos to the major cities as anyone who has spent five minutes in Chicago can attest.

If, say, you lived in Chicago–where violent crime has been on the increase–and dared condemn Soros for funding the political campaign of hard leftist Kim Foxx for Cook County State’s Attorney, or other similar “rogue” prosecutors, then you run the risk of being denounced as an anti-Semitic bigot, a hater of Jews, even if you never mentioned (or even considered) Soros’ ethnicity or religion at any time.

That is crippling to weak people. It is about intimidating them into silence. I know. I refused.

Certainly there are anti-Semites who oppose Soros for being a Jew. It is how they’re wired. They hate people for who they are. The cliche is that they’re of the right, but truth is, that they’re Democrats of the hard left. This is an ugly fact of life often ignored by left-wing corporate media.

But there are many Soros critics who see the damage his push to elect rogue left-wing prosecutors has caused in almost every major urban center in America. In those cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other towns political leaders and others have hesitated rather than publicly criticize Soros.

It isn’t some dystopian novel. It is the real thing. The charge of anti-Semitism could bring real pain, real fear. That fear of being denounced, socially isolated is real. Soros is of the left and that angry charge of anti-Semitism was often used by the left, by Soros mouthpieces, activists, supporters, even union officials determined to silence opposition. I personally know this to be true.

And then came the Oct.7 bloodthirsty attacks of the pro-Iran terror group Hamas against Jewish children and women. Writer Steve Huntley catalogued it in his great column here the other day at

Huntley writes about the silence over the documented mass raping of women. Mass murder. Documented torture of little children.

An odd thing was the silence of the left—in media, politics and the universities—that refused to criticize Hamas.

Huntley: “Take the idiots and bigots who showed up at an Oakland, CA, city council meeting to speak the unspeakable — that the slaughter of Oct. 7 was Israeli propaganda or that “Israel murdered its own people.”

“Also oblivious to this moment of clarity are celebrities like Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon who did ‘hunger-striking’ for two days — yes, ludicrous but evidence of her character — for a permanent Gaza cease-fire.

“One of the jaw-dropping aspects of American reaction to Oct. 7,” Huntley writes, “has been the virtual silence from progressive feminists and Me-Too activists over the rape rampage against Jewish women.”

As I stated earlier, it became known that Soros had funded pro-Hamas groups. Gilad Erdan denounced Soros

“George Soros’ donations to organizations that seek the destruction of the State of Israel as a Jewish state is shameful. However, I am not surprised,” Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan told Fox News Digital.

“For years, Soros has backed and transferred money to organizations supporting BDS that want to isolate Israel,” added Erdan, who has been leading the diplomatic campaign at the U.N. to spell out Hamas’ crimes against humanity. “They have never been about real peace or any solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Just follow the money.

You wonder why the Ivy League universities are so blasé about Jew hate? Just follow the money.

I can’t think of a more cringe-worthy display than watching those ridiculous fools (Ivy League Presidents) lecture Congress that any demands for genocide must be considered in “context.”

Thank God for The Federalist. Jordan Boyd writes:

“The New York Times framed the hearing as a Republican-led performance to “Try to Put Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn on the Defensive About Antisemitism.” The questioning from several GOP legislators, however, showed presidents at MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard have little to no remorse over their slow response, silence, and staunch refusal to punish students for flaunting antisemitic and anti-Western sentiments.”

“The repeated failure of the college presidents to condemn or punish the antisemitism plaguing higher education institutions even led Rep. Elise Stefanik, chair of the House Republican Conference, to call for their resignation,” writes Boyd.

And that’s why I modeled the headline of this column #Me Too, Unless You’re a Jew. I didn’t think it up. Others did, but it is a brilliant tactic to illustrate the craven nature of America’s elite.

In that public hearing conducted by Rep. Stefanik, the presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT could not answer the most simple question. And they were afraid of angering the hard-left that for decades has controlled the universities and shut down the free speech of conservatives.

Asked repeatedly, they could not answer the question whether the public pro-Hamas demands calling for the genocide of Jews violates standards and codes of conduct. They couldn’t answer and said it “depends” on context.

Genocide depends on context?

What if the radical pro-Hamas protesters called for the elimination of blacks or homosexuals? Would the presidents of Harvard, MIT and Penn find the courage to say something. They’re scrambling now to add “context” to their public cowardice. But it’s too late.

You really don’t need an Ivy League credential to understand these Ivy League moral frauds. You don’t need an advance degree to understand what George Soros has done to America. All you need is good old-fashioned Midwestern common sense. But you could clearly see them smirk.

It tells you what you already know. The Ivy League is the place for cowards, a place for men and women without chests. A place that curries favor from Jewish donors, but also a place that won’t protect donors’ children.

And Soros will do what Soros will do, no matter the costs to the cities where his politics have unleashed anarchy and chaos and a sense of utter lawlessness for all the victims of brutal violent crime.

We all need a good cup of common sense.

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