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Kass: What Do Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day? Kevlar Vests, Threats and Bodyguards?

BTW: I'm a huge fan of Kass. I'm not a huge fan of his stance on Roe v Wade. For 50 years women have the right to decide their own destiny without Big Brother dictating. While I'm no fan of abortion, I'm a bigger fan of individual liberty. BTW the abortion rate has dropped by over 60% in the past two decades. Want to further reduce unwanted births? There are far better ways than sending the decision back to the individual states.

A repeal of the law would simply allow more affluent women to travel across state borders to terminate pregnancies, whereas the poor couldn't afford that. Better to promote access to birth control, counseling and Charter School education. Yep, the abortion rate drops like a rock as levels of education rise.

What Do Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day? Kevlar Vests, Threats and Bodyguards?

By John Kass

May 8, 2022

What do moms want on Mother’s Day?

Some don’t want a thing, except perhaps to kiss their children and spend the day with the family. And some might want something fancy.

But I know what moms do not want. They don’t want to be referred to as a “Birthing Person” on Mother’s Day, especially by those who can’t define what a woman is. And I don’t really think that calling moms “Birthing People” will ever become “a thing.”

I’ll take another wild guess to say that moms also don’t want bullet proof vests for Mother’s Day. Or armed federal guards in the kitchen.

Or an angry mob of political extremists outside their homes, threatening and intimidating their families, while expecting those moms to kneel to appease the mob. Or neighbors standing out there with the extremists, joining the mob, scoring political points, while virtue signaling that sometimes, hate does indeed have a home here in their hearts.

They probably won’t like angry political protests at churches on Mother’s Day. Especially in churches that preach on behalf of the sanctity of human life and protection of the unborn.

My mom, in her 90s now, wouldn’t like it. My wife, mother to our twin sons, wouldn’t like it. I don’t think any mom would like it. It’s uncivilized.

And I don’t think that the moms among conservative Supreme Court justices–whose home addresses have been posted on the internet by leftist groups in a practice called “doxxing”–would like it. Going out on a limb here, but I’m certain that the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who was of the political left, would be appalled if the homes of her colleagues were ever targeted by pressure groups of the left, even colleagues with whom she had legal disagreements.

But here we are on Mother’s Day.

And pro-abortion groups of the left have chosen Mother’s Day as their day of rage.

One such pro-abortion group calling itself “Ruth Sent Us” is encouraging angry protesters to target and harass Supreme Court Justices at their homes. And they’re demanding protests at Roman Catholic churches on Sunday and next week at the Justices’ homes.


Because of a leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion overturning their ability to kill babies in the womb. Associate Justice Samuel Alito wrote the draft opinion, and others on the High Court seemed disposed to support it, taking the abortion debate from Washington and sending it back to the states where it belongs.

As I understand it, Alito’s draft opinion would not abolish abortion. All it would do is return the issue to the states and allow the people, through their elected representatives, to decide whether they will protect the lives of the unborn. Or not.

We have different opinions on abortion in this country. I understand that. But none of us should support these threats against the Supreme Court. That pendulum swings both ways. And to stay silent now, is to offer encouragement to violence and mob rule. Once that succeeds we are done as a republic.

The left loved the Supreme Court for 50 years when they controlled it in the matter of ending the lives of the unborn. They insisted the Supreme Court was to be revered and respected, and their media allies agreed that all Americans must respect the institution. To do otherwise was anarchy, violence and chaos. .

But now that they don’t control the Supreme Court, the left trashes it and seeks to undercut the court’s institutional credibility with the American people. And leftist extremists, including the group calling itself “Ruth Sent Us” just love what’s going on, because they’re all about muscle and force on Mother’s Day.

I’ve looked at some of the things “Ruth Sent Us” has been saying on social media, and “I don’t care about your g-d religion” is just one of the things they scream.

Again, Alito’s brilliant draft opinion does not end abortion rights across the country. When the leak was made public in Politico a few days ago now–a political leak designed to undercut the credibility of the Supreme Court and intimidate the justices–I figured this would happen. Rage. Muscle. Force. And now it’s happening.

Gone is the left’s former respect for the court they do not control. They’re all about intimidation now. All the left has now is rage and force. It’s all they’ve ever had.

What is most revealing is the silence of the Biden White House. You wouldn’t have believed this possible when President Joe Biden took the oath of office and promised, in his soothing Joe Biden voice, to help heal the divisions in our country.

Yet just about every word out of his mouth since has been about whipping up partisan anger and hate.

Standing in front of the home of a Justice and threatening them because your politics or your views don’t match theirs is despicable. Putting them in fear and their families under threat, is despicable. But it’s happening.

Yet this has apparently become “a thing” endorsed by the Joe Biden White House for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Mr. President.

And this after days of Democratic screaming and shouting and whipping their party activists into a rage in the hopes of using the rage to fend off the witch of November that comes with the mid-term elections. The White House takes no position on the matter. And corporate media doesn’t say much either, because the media’s politics are aligned with Biden’s and the Democratic Party’s politics. And now it’s OK to trash the Supreme Court?

I keep telling you, that what you must listen for is the dog that doesn’t bark, for the the thing that is not said, for the story that is not told. And the other day, asked about the Jacobin pressure groups publishing the home addresses of Supreme Court Justices, outgoing White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said something quite revealing.

She said nothing.

“I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,” said Psaki.

Oh, you don’t have a position, Jen Psaki?

I suppose if the politics were reversed, you’d have something to say. If justices on the left were targeted, by the right, you’d have something to say. And the media, which bent over backwards to tell us that the Black Lives Matter riots that destroyed the cities were “mostly peaceful,” would have something to say.

The official silence on this is absolutely disgusting. By not condemning it, Democrats encourage and tease the threat into action. They prove their slogan that silence is violence.

“Today’s “nonposition” of the White House on the targeting of justices at their homes is one of the lowest moments in American politics,” said legal scholar and commentator Jonathan Turley on Twitter. He was born in Chicago. “We have finally hit the bedrock of rage in America.”

Turley continued in another Tweet:

“…Psaki was asked what should have been an easy question on whether it is appropriate to target justices at their homes. She responded, ‘I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest.’”

Like many of us, Turley is not doubting the right to legal protest. Americans have that right. If pro-abortion forces want to protest outside the Supreme Court, no matter how loudly the shout, I would defend their right. As an American, I support protests and dissent.

Yet targeting individuals to threatening them is wrong and corrosive. And targeting Supreme Court Justices, to publish their home addresses and threaten them in the hopes of changing their minds is criminal.

“The appropriateness of targeting justices or judges at their homes should not be a difficult question of the Biden White House,” Turley said.

Of course it shouldn’t be a difficult question for them to answer. But it is. And now Americans should ask themselves why.

All it took was one crazed Jacobin, a neo-Marxist from Illinois, a Bernie Sanders supporter with a rifle, to try and massacre Republican House members, and shot several staffers and U.S. Rep Steve Scalise. The crazed Democrat was James Hodgkinson, of Bellville Illinois. Have you noticed that Democrats don’t seem to be able to remember Hodgkinson’s name?

It shouldn’t be difficult for the Biden White House, or any American, to say simply and clearly that it is inappropriate for anyone to threaten, pressure and personally target Supreme Court Justices.

Yet it is a difficult question for the Democrats and Biden to answer. Why is this so?

Because their side benefits politically from the threats and the intimidation, even if the threats and intimidation stay on social media and go no further. Because the threats and the screams become a rallying cry, a means of organizing hate into votes.

The Roman Catholic church, which has long opposed the ending of unborn life in the womb, is in the way.

So why would the White House and the Democrats remain silent?

For the same reasons that liberal Democrat big city mayors kowtowed to the Black Lives Matter rioters, even as their cities were destroyed. For the same reasons that those broken cities helped elect Soros-backed Democratic prosecutors, and push defund-the-police budgeting, though lately some have shape-shifted into “reimagining” smaller police budgets, as if there’s a difference.

For the same reason why, in Chicago, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot warns us of the scourge of authoritarian government, even as she removes public statues that bother the left because she abhors the message of the sculptures. She’s removed Christopher Columbus statues and prepared others for permanent exile from public view including those of Abraham Lincoln.

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past,” Orwell wrote in his novel “1984.”

The hard left holds the Democratic leash now. And those we remember as liberals who once supported civil liberties including the Freedom of Speech have been devoured. Or, perhaps they’ve just bitten off their own tongues and have gone into hiding. ,

Don’t expect the corporate media to denounce the targeting of Supreme Court Justices. They were enraged over their alleged “insurrection” outside the White House on Jan. 6. But that was a protest and mostly peaceful, and absolutely nothing like the “insurrection” that destroyed American cities in 2020. Now the media of the left, notably CNN, are hysterical to the point of spewing absolute nonsense, claiming they’re worried that violence is a threat coming from the right, even as the left targets the homes of Supreme Court Justices. No wonder the American people have turned the corporate legacy media off.

Some of the Justices are mothers and grandmothers. And those who aren’t mothers are worthy of respect. Some are fathers and grandfathers, married, liberal and conservative, all seemingly decent men. But as the White House is silent about targeting the homes of Supreme Court Justices, and that silence acts like a wave, breaking again and again over our old notions of common decency and civility, all of it grinding the republic down to the nub.

The sane, grown-up thing to do is that Chief Justice John Roberts should conclude the investigation into the leak and publicly identify the leaker, no matter if the leaker is on the left or the right.

Charges should be imposed, criminal charges if applicable under law, and the full court in one voice–liberals and conservatives–must publicly condemning the leak, and the leaker and any of those who published the addresses of the justices to threaten them.

The full court as one united group–liberals and conservatives together–should publicly address the American people in one loud voice, to make it clear that they stand together in unity on this, and that personal political intimidation will not stand. They must make it clear in one voice of unity that threats and intimidation are no match for the rule of law.

And then the court should act, quickly and immediately, on the draft opinion of Associate Justice Alito, and vote it up or down.

Any further delay only invites more of this disgusting behavior. Delay means more politics, more political sniping and scheming. By targeting the homes of justices and their families, with Democratic Congressional leaders exhorting the crowds, with the White House taking no position on the appropriateness of targeted protests outside Justices homes, we’ve hit something.

Turley is correct: We’ve hit the bedrock of political rage in America.

And there is no place to go.

On Mother’s Day.

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