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Snitz summarizes last weeks polls. I'm all over this sh-t.

Ok, Rasmussen Polling summarized this stuff if you want to be a nit-picker about it.

-Voters overwhelmingly support releasing all videos of the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, and a majority think it’s likely that government agents helped provoke the riot.

- A majority of voters don’t think President Joe Biden has kept his campaign promise to unite Americans, and one-third endorse a GOP congresswoman’s recent call for a “national divorce” between red states and blue states. It's ok, Joe. I know you are trying your best to unite me with folks who are different. That's a large large group of people who "don't get it".

- As Black History Month comes to an end, a plurality of Americans believe race relations in the country are getting worse. I think we need to have more history. A month isn't sufficient; how about three months of Black history and then four months of Jewish history?

- Most voters give the federal government low ratings for its response to this month’s train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

- Although more voters now think President Joe Biden is healthy enough to do the job, a majority agree that his age disqualifies the 80-year-old for a second term in the White House. Can you believe this! Blatant age discrimination. There's no reason they can't wheel him out on a cart.

- The news media are going easy on President Joe Biden, according to a majority of voters, who also think the problem of media bias is getting worse.

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