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Spritlzer Congressional ETF Fund opens to rave reviews

In case you didn't know, folks in Congress are exempted from many of the insider trading rules that govern ordinary Muggles. That's where the fun begins for me (& if you're an investor you too!).

I've partnered with 20 of the top Congressional investors. Folks who have an uncanny knack for beating the S&P 500. These guys are exceptionally astute (wink wink)! I don't know how they do it...haha.

Act now and let your government start paying dividends to you. BTW: Of course, this is perfectly legal! Would I lie to you?

Note: This story came from an actual Report subscriber who not only gets to see their idea go viral but can look forward to a hefty honorarium.

Members of Congress outperformed the S&P 500—sometimes by huge amounts

Story by Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez, Fortune Magazine

Jan 3, 2024

Congress only managed to pass 27 bills in 2023, but many of its Members had a much more productive year in the stock market, according to a new report that highlights their trading performance—which was helped by the fact that those in Congress are exempt from certain insider trading rules. Some of these Members saw the value of their portfolio grow by well over 50%.

Thanks in part to some well-timed (maybe even suspiciously well-timed) trades, a third of the 100 members of Congress that reported financial transactions this year beat the S&P 500, which was up 24% in 2023, according to Unusual Whales, a stock and options news service. When broken out by party, Republicans earned an average of 18% returns on their trades, while Democrats earned 33%, according to the report. (The report says the difference is explained by Republicans have large parts of their portfolio in financials, oil and commodities—all of which had rough years).

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