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Snitz special "shout out" to Angel Reese

You know what sells seats...a good guy vs a bad guy. And Ms. Reese who has the intellect of a six-panel door (who's in a street gang of...

A million Gazans could face starvation?

Yes, but "they don't care for us and I suspect most are antisemitic", said Israeli PM, Ivan the Terrible. UN agencies say over 1 million...

Snitz joins the Yoga police force

Actually I'm a reservist. Four days a month I get to mess with people doing "down dog". Sure the money is good but I do it for the love...

Is gas getting cheaper (this summer)

I threw in a chart that denotes the price of crude oil. At the start of the pandemic oil demand fell which caused crude oil prices to...

Do tech stock now dominate the SP 500?

Huge tech For much of this year, headlines (including our own) have been devoted to the rise of Nvidia, and rightly so: its valuation is...

Does ChaptGPT actually make money?

OMG...Just as I suspected! They're using Chinese scientists! OpenAI's revenue is skyrocketing The AI startup's annualized revenue has...

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