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100+ Columbia profs sign letter defending Hamas supporters?

Yes, you heard that right. The educational Illuminati of the Ivy League apparently think Israel is occupying Gaza and Hamas is a friend of the Palestinians.

Israel in fact gave Gaza back to the Palestinians in 2006, forcably removed Jewish settlers and has been getting shelled by Hamas ever since. Ergo they aren't occupying Gaza. End of story.

I might add, if you're a supporter of Palestinians their enemy isn't Israel its the murderous tyrants that rule them as the Third Reich ruled WWII Germany.

I can certainly understand a reasonable person wanting innocent Palestinians to be removed from harm's way, but supporting Hamas is the moral equivalent of supporting Hilter.

To spend $75,000/year to attend a college taught by misinformed imbeciles is err..."imbecilic"?

Over 100 Columbia professors sign letter defending students who supported Hamas’ ‘military action’

By Melissa Koenig, NY Post

Oct. 30, 2023

More than 100 Columbia University professors signed a letter Monday defending students who supported Hamas’ “military action” in Israel on Oct. 7 and called on administrators to protect those students from “disturbing reverberations” on the Manhattan campus.

As top donors vow to stop giving money to the university amid a swell of pro-Palestinian demonstrations, professors demanded that the administration protect demonstrators from doxxing efforts from trucks dubbing them “Columbia’s Leading Anti-Semites” and halt its educational outposts in Israel.

The Ivy League staffers also demanded that the administration “cease issuing statements that favor the suffering and death of Israelis or Jews over the suffering and deaths of Palestinians.”

“As scholars who are committed to robust inquiry about the most challenging matters of our time, we feel compelled to respond to those who label our students antisemitic if they express empathy for the lives and dignity of Palestinians and/or if they signed a student-written statement that situated the military action begun on Oct. 7 within the larger context of the occupation of Palestine by Israel,” the letter reads.

“In our view, the student statement aims to recontextualize the events of Oct. 7, 2023, pointing out that military operations and state violence did not begin that day, but rather it represented a military response by a people who had endured crushing and unrelenting state violence from an occupying power over many years,” they wrote of the brutal terror attack that killed more than 1,400 Israelis, most of them civillians.

The professors wrote in the letter on Monday that the students believe peace and safety will remain elusive “unless the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory ends and accountability for that illegal occupation is achieved,” which they claim is “not a radical or essentially controversial opinion,” noting it is supported by the United Nations and several human rights organizations.

Professors also backed the university’s Palestine Solidarity Groups label of conditions in Gaza as “apartheid,” noting that groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have agreed.

Faculty members conclude their letter by saying, “One of the core responsibilities of a world-class university is to interrogate the underlying facts of both settled propositions and those that are ardently disputed.

The professors backed the school's Palestine Solidarity Groups labeling the conditions in Gaza as “apartheid.”

“As faculty, we are committed to the project of holding discomfort and working across difference[s] with our students,” it reads.

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, executive vice president of New York Board of Rabbis, told The Post the letter from Columbia professors was beyond the pale.

“I guess the Columbia professors wouldn’t have a problem with the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis,” he said sarcastically.

“What we expect in college is that students at some point would be taught about moral clarity.

“To describe Hamas as a legitimate group rather than as terrorists is beyond comprehension and beyond contempt.”

Hedge fund billionaire vows to stop donating to Columbia University amid students’ Israel protests

Columbia administrators declined to comment on the letter, but pointed to the existence of a separate faculty statement being circulated encouraging the university’s ties with Israel, which had been signed by over 200 staff by Monday afternoon.

It reads in part: “In the wake of this sobering conflict, we write to express our commitment to the University’s ties with Israel.

“Our research and teaching missions benefit from these ties, and we encourage the University to build on them.”

A spokesperson for the university told The Post last week that “antisemitism or any other form of hate will never be tolerated in our community,” as officials canceled an on-campus student group event that had disinvited Zionists.

The Monday missive came in response to backlash over a student statement that claimed Gaza is an “open-air prison.”

“The weight of responsibility for the war and casualties undeniably lies with the Israeli extremist government and other Western governments, including the US government, which fund and staunchly support Israeli aggression, apartheid and settler colonization,” it reads.

“The international judicial system must intervene and hold all parties, including the state of Israel, accountable for the violations it commits.”

Since the letter was written, a major New York City law firm rescinded job offers to those who signed.

A nonprofit news watchdog, Accuracy in Media, also sent a “doxxing truck” — featuring giant video screens on all sides, displaying the words “Columbia’s Leading Antisemites” in gothic script over a slideshow of the Ivy Leaguers’ headshots and names in red block letters — to the campus last Wednesday.

The display identified students allegedly involved in “a horribly hateful, antisemitic proclamation similar to the one signed at Harvard that blamed victims for their own death, rape and torture,” Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette said in an interview with The Post on Thursday.

Jewish students had planned a rally Monday afternoon to “condemn recent acts of antisemitism displayed on campus by their fellow students and the University’s failure to act.”

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