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Do people really think AI is the world's greatest threat?

This is all a bunch of hogwash. Fluoridated water is without a doubt the greatest threat to our way of life!

Portal combat

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, yesterday announced new generative video model Sora, capable of transforming short text descriptions into intricately detailed, high-definition clips — just weeks after Google unveiled Lumiere, a very similar text-to-video AI product of its own.

Sora, taken from the Japanese for "sky", will use prompts to generate 60-second films of anything from snowy cityscapes to alpine dog-podcasters. Like Lumiere, OpenAI's latest creation uses space-time diffusion tech, but combines it with the transformer network used to train GPT-4.

While the quality and length of Sora’s sample videos seemingly exceed that of Lumiere and other rivals, neither OpenAI nor Google have provided much information about launch dates or what a typical output might look like — but, at the current pace of advances in AI technology, it’s easy to imagine big strides on both sides pretty soon.

Video manipulation

From today, OpenAI is ‘red teaming’ Sora — assessing critical risk areas for susceptibility to misinformation, bias, and hateful, violent, or sexual content — prior to public release, opening access to a few researchers, visual artists, and video creators for testing.

As OpenAI grapples with its new product's potential for misuse, fears surrounding AI continue to spread: a recent report from the World Economic Forum found that 53% of respondents considered AI-generated misinformation and disinformation among the threats most likely to present a global material crisis in 2024, second only to extreme weather (66%). And, with 2024 set to be a record election year, AI’s ability to create hyper-realistic falsified footage may well open Pandora’s ballot box on a global scale.

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