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Feel good law enforcement story of the week!

What kind of tabloid prints this short of trash? The kind that enjoys a good "police love triangle". If you find this offensive may I suggest you put on your big boy pants (whatever your gender) and find that long lost sense of humor you had once as an embryo.

BTW, hand guns and infidelity don't mix (at least well).

Louisiana police chief, wife shot by his subordinate in love triangle dispute, publicly admits his infidelity

By Richard Pollina, NY Post

Jan. 6, 2024

A Louisiana police chief admitted he cheated on his wife in an open letter to the public after they were both shot and wounded by his subordinate who was embroiled in their love triangle.

Opelousas Police Chief Graig LeBlanc and his wife Crystal LeBlanc, a deputy with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, were shot outside the home of Officer Savannah Butler on Dec. 22, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Crystal LeBlanc arrived at Butler’s house to confront her husband, who was inside the officer’s home before an argument ensued between the couple.

Butler, armed with a gun, appeared in the doorway moments later and fired a single shot into the police chief’s hand when he attempted to grab the gun.

The bullet penetrated through LeBlanc’s hand and struck Crystal LeBlanc in the arm, according to police.

Savannah Butler (R) turned herself into the St. Landry Parish Jail on Jan. 1.

Graig LeBlanc and his wife “admitted themselves to local hospitals” to be treated and were later released.

Butler then cleaned up the crime scene to “cover up evidence” before contacting the sheriff’s office, investigators determined.

Graig LeBlanc, who has been with the Opelousas Police Department since 1998, addressed his infidelity on Wednesday.

Graig and Crystal Leblanc have been married since 2004.

“My actions have caused pain and distress, not only to my family but also to our community,” the Opelousas Police Chief wrote.

“I must acknowledge the role I played in this unfortunate situation. I have failed in my commitment to uphold the standards expected of the Chief of Police and, more importantly, failed the trust you have placed in me. Infidelity is a breach of not only the personal commitments I made but also the professional standards we all expect from those in public service.”

Graig Leblanc was elected as Police Chief of the Opelousas Police Department in 2022.

The police chief said he is initiating an internal review within the police department and is committed to restoring the community trust.

Butler, 42, turned herself in to police at the St. Landry Parish Jail on Jan. 1, posted a $22,000 bond, and was released, authorities said.

She has been placed on administrative leave following her arrest and was taken into custody on charges of obstruction of justice, illegal discharge of a firearm, and negligent injuring.


The city of Opelousas is located 24 miles north of Lafayette and has a population of about 15,835 in 2020, according to the census.

After rising to the rank of Detective Sergeant, Graig LeBlanc was elected as the Opelousas Police Chief in November 2022 and took office in January 2023.

The couple have been married since April 2004 and share two children.

“I want to express my sincere apologies to my wife, my family, all parties involved, and to each and every member of our community,” the Opelousas Police Chief wrote in his statement.

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