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NYU Law School Student Bar President removed over Hamas?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

I'd like to wish Ryna success after graduation. I realize she may be thinking of working here in the States but she could do so much more working for her brothers and sisters in Gaza City. Hamas loves female law students.

And she won't need to worry about any racism over there.

PS. I want to give a shout out to the NYU student body for electing her in the first place.

Ryna Workman removed as NYU student bar president after blaming Israel for Hamas attack

By Jon Levine, NYU

Published Dec. 2, 2023

The head of the New York University Student Bar Association has been booted from the post for publicly blaming Israel for the Oct 7 terrorist attacks.

The bar association voted 707-428 in an online vote between Nov. 15 to Nov. 22 to remove Ryna Workman, who said, “Israel bears full responsibility” for Hamas’ brutal massacre.

“We elected Ryna Workman to that prestigious role to lead in the best interest of the student body. They egregiously misused their platform and instead served their own personal interest and soapboxed as many students were still processing the horrific things we were seeing out of Israel on October 7th,” Cole Kauffman, an NYU law student who voted to oust Workman told The Post.

“Somebody who can’t see beyond their own perspective isn’t fit to lead a diverse constituency and doesn’t deserve the distinction of being the President of the SBA at NYU Law.”

Workman’s ouster was set in motion by their colleagues almost immediately after she sent the Oct 10 letter NYU leadership swiftly moved to disavow.

“NYU Law unequivocally condemns the recent terrorist acts and the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas in Israel. The murder and kidnapping of civilians, and the use of sexual violence and the separation and torture of children, are all abominable and atrocious,” the school said in an Oct. 11 statement.

“We want to say, loud and clear, to our community: Any statement that does not recognize this brutality does not reflect the values of NYU Law.”

Workman, who is trans, also faced swift professional consequences when a job offer at the law firm Winston & Strawn, the white shoe form which reps Hunter Biden, was swiftly rescinded.

Workman — who has been spotted on campus ripping up flyers of Israelis being held hostage by Hamas — has remained defiant and unapologetic.

Workman lost a job offer after blaming Israel for the Oct. 7 attack.

“I will continue to speak up for Palestinian human rights and use whatever platform I have available to me to call for a ceasefire and end this occupation that’s harming the Palestinians,” Workman told ABC News.

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