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OMG! There's an epidemic of Obese Turkeys. They need to be on a Stairmaster

Big bird season

Here’s a fact to chow down on as Thanksgiving preparations get well underway: the turkeys many Americans will tuck into tomorrow are much meatier prospects than they were in the past, with birds now weighing nearly twice as much as they did in the 1960s.

Turkeys have been a staple of the American Thanksgiving table since the turn of the 19th century, and farmers have looked to breed the biggest birds for celebratory centerpieces ever since.

Indeed, today the average commercial turkey weighs a whopping 32.3 lbs — just under double the paltry poultry offerings of 60 years ago, which would come in closer to 17 lbs. In fact, modern turkeys are so big that they often have trouble breeding, leaving many farmers and producers reliant on artificial insemination.

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