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People are moving to the South. Will the 2030 census give Red states more votes in congress?

The arguments below work only in theory. If GOP continues to be controlled by pro-life extremists, they'll continue to get their ass handed to them. Abortion is a losing issue that trumps (haha) all others. That's crystal clear in the wake of the Dem's stellar performance at the recent midterms.

Look back for a minute. The Dems had spent like drunken sailors, locked the nation down during COVID, and allowed crime to spiral, yet they still lost few congressional seats. It's abortion, stupid.

The solution? Develop a middle ground like every nation in the EU, all of which allow abortions only until between 14-18 weeks.

Notable & Quotable: Republican Gains in 2030

‘The consistently Trump states would have 247 electoral votes . . . while the consistently Democratic states would have just 219.’

May 4, 2023 5:42 pm ET

The U.S. Capitol building in Washington, April 25. PHOTO: JULIA NIKHINSON/REUTERS

Michael Barone writing for the Washington Examiner, May 3:

[Republicans] benefited marginally from the reapportionment of House seats (and, therefore, electoral votes) following the 2020 census. Moreover, they stand to make much bigger gains in the census in 2030.

That’s the news from the American Redistricting Project’s forecast. . . . ARP shows California, which gained seats in every census from 1850 to 2000 and lost just one seat in 2020, losing five seats in 2030. It shows New York losing three seats and Illinois two seats. . . . It also shows large-scale flight to low-tax states, with Texas and Florida each projected to gain four House seats in 2030 and Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Delaware one each. . . . . In 2016, the balance between the consistently Trump and consistently Democratic electoral votes was precisely even, 232-232. The 2020 reapportionment would have changed that just slightly to 235-231. . . . By applying the ARP’s 2030 estimates, you get a different picture. The consistently Trump states would have 247 electoral votes . . . while the consistently Democratic states would have just 219.

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