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Tesla's new Nickel based battery could have changed the EV game! EV cars may really make EV sense?

Short video, but I'll try to boil down some of the key points:

  • Current batteries for Tesla and competitors are made from Lithium and also require Cobalt. The former is reliant on the purchase of the refined material principally from our friends in China (in limited supply) and the latter creates huge health hazards for those involved in mining.

  • The proposed new Nickel based battery uses materials easier and more plentiful to mine. Also more environmentally friendly.

  • The new battery will deliver electricity at half the cost and will last considerably longer before it degrades. Tesla currently warranties its batteries for 8 years. The new Nickel based battery has a projected life of up to 100 years before it degrades.

  • The range of a Model Y will increase from it's current 270 miles to approx 500 miles with the new battery.

  • The battery in addition to being half the cost of the current battery ($5,000 vs $10,000) and slightly lighter, will have a shelf life exceeding the car. Ergo, the battery will have the capacity to be removed and used in future Tesla vehicles.

Big picture: Teslas are already great cars. This new battery design may render their product more suitable for a wider audience.

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