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What's Joe Rogan's 3 minute point with Aaron Rodgers?

I remember not too long ago, Neil Young left Spotify exclaiming either Joe Rogan goes or I go! He was of course protesting what he believed to be COVID misinformation spread by Rogan. Neil could have refuted or debated him or posted his alternate point of view?

Nope. He was far too insecure. So he insisted Joe be canceled.

It turns out that Joe, in this case, was largely correct. History has proved the items Young found objectionable are widely accepted as true now (after the passage of time).

However, whether or not true, Rogan or other people shouldn't be canceled because they're expressing contrary orthodoxy. It's called Socratic debate and it's the bedrock of a free society and scientific discovery.

Even those pathetic souls that don't read the Spritlzer Report.

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