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You're dying to know what I think about the Rittenhouse verdict? Admit it!

Good verdict, sad situation for all.

The last year has brought BLM monikered rioting in numerous cities. The future loss to these urban areas (economic growth, job creation and opportunity to lift the poor areas out of poverty) has been immeasurable. Just as Detroit and Watts never recovered from the riots of the 1960s, the previous malaise will leave a deep permanent mark.

What’s particularly offensive is that the instigators of these riots have generally not been arrested or brought to justice. Ergo there has been no deterrent to these bad guys acting again.

The police departments in most of these cases have had their hands tied by administrations who wouldn’t let them protect the populace or property for fear of being judged in the woke media.

Against this background, Rittenhouse foolishly tried to "protect" a city that was unprepared for the riots and under “policed” that night.

Whatever you may think of the 2nd amendment or Rittenhouse, having citizens acts as viligantes to deal with ineffective policing isn’t a good thing. Defending himself was not illegal, nor was under the current Wisc law showing up with a rifle. But it was stupid & caused more harm than good.

Rosenbaum the first shot/killed in self-defense will probably not be missed. He was a convicted child molester recently released from a mental institution and apparently deranged and dangerous.

The real takeaway from this is that urban administrations need to support their police departments and safely take back control of the streets. That means hiring more cops, firing bad ones, and doing a better job managing officers (rather than throwing them under the bus).

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